CCS - IT General Contractor - CCS/ITGC

You have existing investments in information infrastructure. Expanding upon that infrastructure, adding to it, upgrading it, or implementing new functionality, all require very specific skills. From storage specialists, to server experts, networking engineers, to developers and more your environment has very specific needs. It is very likely that no IT service provider you talk to will have all of the capabilities you need on their staff.

But that’s not what you want, anyway.

You want the best of the best. You want experienced experts working on every piece of equipment, every software application, every operating utility in your IT environment. But that does not mean they all need to work for the same company. You don’t need one company that invests in all of these skill sets. You need one company that knows where to quickly and accurately locate the best possible people for every task.

That’s why CCS has designed itself as your ideal IT General Contractor (ITGC). Construction general contractors who build buildings don’t employ their own carpenters, electricians, masonry and bricklayers, or plumbers. They know the best in each trade and have great subcontracting relationships with the best of the best. When they have a project, they engage the best. Their customers and their projects enjoy the services of the best of the best.

When your network or your servers or your storage or your cloud services need expert assistance, turn to CCS and we’ll engage the best of the best to get your job done. We’ve been around for decades. We know the best of the best. We’ve worked with them. We enjoy mutual trust and respect with them. We know how to manage their work to assure your satisfaction.

Corporate Computer Solutions is your IT general contractor. Let’s talk about your next project.

Installation, Integration, and Implementation

New IT initiatives got you saying “aye-aye-aye?” That’s what we’re talking about. “I-I-I” means Installation, Integration, and Implementation, a complete service from CCS.

CCS configures, prepares, and tests all equipment prior to installation to assure immediate performance with no surprises. Once the equipment is installed we integrate it into your existing network and provide the training and day zero support required to properly implement your new solution and assure enthusiastic user adoption, the key to project success.

Whether it’s a few stations, a printer, or a complete relocation of an entire network, turn to CCS for the most comprehensive and cohesive Installation, Integration, and Implementation services. Just say “I-I-I!”


Ask a professional network engineer and they’ll tell you that the actual network consists of the cables in the wall that connect everything together.

In today’s networks, of course, its far more. The cables in the wall terminate in network closets with all manner of patch panels, concentrators, routers, switches, hubs, and other equipment. Many of the cables lead out to wireless access points, security sensors and cameras, and more. Networks are far more complex than ever, and the cabling that connects them must keep pace. With CCS cabling services, they do.

Video, Voice over IP & Telephony

Collaboration is the key to success in today’s market, and IT systems must make it easier and more productive than ever. You don’t want to maintain and manage a second network just for telephone anymore, especially when IP-based videoconferencing, telephony, and voice over IP (VoIP) systems do a better job conveying visual and audio than ever.

Whether it’s a complete new communications system with a deskphone on every desk and a camera on every desktop computer, or a completely mobile force armed with the latest smartphones and tablets, or anything in between, talk to CCS about how your people do what they do and how we can empower them to do it more productively, more profitably, and more collaboratively than they’ve ever dreamt possible.