CCS IT Security & Operational Services - CCS/ITSOS

SOS, originally “Save Our Ship” has long been known as the universal distress signal. CCS uses this well-known acronym to describe the programs we’ve developed to save every business and organizational ship in the universal fleet. We call it Security & Operational Services!

CCS Remote Network Monitoring & Management

Your network is the backbone of your business, moving the critical information your business runs on where it needs to be at any given moment. This is true whether yours is a commercial enterprise, an educational institution, a government agency, or any other kind of organization. This simply means that the network must keep running at peak performance at all times no matter what.

Accomplishing non-stop operation requires close and careful monitoring and proactive management of every segment of the network, whether located on your premises or in cloud computing services. Not just proactive, your network management must be predictive, notifying you when conditions indicate a potential anomaly or outage approaching before they impact your operations causing disruption and loss of revenue.

CCS/ITSOS connects to your network and maintains constant vigilance over every server, every storage device, every router, switch, modem, every application, and every communications line and connection to and from the internet. Not only do we assure top performance, we also monitor and manage for top security and data integrity.

You’ll sleep better knowing CCS/ITSOS is minding your business, watching your network, and protecting your data assets.

Business as a Service

Your business needs Information Technologies (IT), but that’s not what you do for a living. Many companies run into a wall trying to put the IT they need into place and make it work. Others turn to CCS where IT is exactly what we do for a living.

Our Business-as-a-Service program gets you from “we need IT” to “we’ve got the best possible IT” smoothly and easily. We learn exactly what you need, how your business operates and how it would best benefit from innovative IT services, and we put them into place completely for you. Your people get the best possible IT tools to help them get more done, faster, with higher quality and more satisfaction than ever before.

License Management

While software itself is a science, software licensing has also become a science unto itself. Failure to obey the rules can often be costly when the time comes to make necessary adjustments to get back into license compliance. License management services from CCS cost far less and provide peace-of-mind knowing you won’t encounter unexpected expenses down the road. No matter where you’ve obtained your software licensing from, CCS License Management will thoroughly research your licenses to assure that you conform fully.

Compliance Management

Regulatory Compliance is one of today’s foremost minefields, with landmines waiting for you around every turn. Establishing your operating policies, assuring they are fully followed, and thoroughly documenting everything are your keys to assuring continuing compliance. CCS experts help you produce every policy and procedure, train your personnel, and maintain the required documentation. We help you prepare for audits and avoid heavy penalties and fines. Whatever government regulations you may subject to, talk to CCS and meet our experts. You’ll be glad you did, especially when you pass your next audit with flying colors.

IT as a Service

Did you ever look at other companies and wish you had an IT department like theirs? Now you can, without the heavy expense of hiring, administering, training, or retaining personnel.

The CCS IT-as-a-Service program is your complete IT department in a convenient program. Whatever skill sets are needed to support your information management environment, whatever hardware and software products are in your installed base, CCS creates a program tailored just to you and your needs. You’ll find the people, the procedures, the best practices, and the price to all be just what you were looking for in your IT department.

CCS Support

Many of our clients have existing IT resources of their own. During large or special projects, or when they are experiencing periods of heavy activity and need additional resources they turn to CCS Support to supplement their own team.

These same resources are available to all CCS clients upon request to perform whatever IT-related tasks may come up. Whether its installing something new, resolving a problem, helping users understand their software better, or otherwise helping your organization make better use of IT, turn to CCS for the support you need.

Physical Security

You may have the world’s most powerful firewall, all the best intrustion prevention systems, the strongest encryption and other security money can be. It is all rendered useless if someone leaves the door to the data center unlocked and open. Or a window. Or a skylight.

In fact, many network exploits begin with someone physically breaking into your physical plant and gaining direct access to your IT infrastructure. CCS security services extend beyond the security monitoring, firewalls, intrusion prevention, network access control, anti-malware and other measures you’d expect, to include a complete suite of physical security services.

CCS installs, maintains, and monitors IP camera and sensor systems that keep a close and careful eye throughout your premises, recording every movement made, every sudden change, every sound, to keep you aware whenever anything happens that shouldn’t. These are complete physical security solutions that use the latest IP cameras, high-speed networks and storage, low-light technology and motion detection, and much more.

Leverage the “Internet-of-Things” to keep all the things in your world safe with physical security solutions from Corporate Computer Solutions.