Most people don’t think of products as services, but we do. Products, including hardware, software, accessories, supplies, and more, are enablers. We use them to enable the services our customers need to run their businesses or organizations. We know that you don’t buy the products for the product’s sake. You buy products for what they do for you. How they help you improve your operations and profitability. Our job is to get you the best possible products at the best possible prices with the fastest and most reliable possible delivery every time so you can start enjoying the services that grow out from them.

Procurement Services

Procuring IT equipment and software isn’t simply a purchasing function. There are literally millions of products with thousands coming and going every day. Each has very specific requirements, and very specific compatibilities and co-dependencies. Successful procurement requires knowledge of all these products, how to combine and integrate them, and where to obtain them at the best price with the most reliable delivery.

Preparation, Installation, Integration & Maintenance

Once you are authorized to proceed, you want your purchase to go from order to installed solution as quickly and transparently as possible. With CCS/ITPP that’s exactly what you get. We receive your hardware, software, accessory, and other products, prepare them, configure them, load software, test them to assure highest performance, and completely prepare them for integration into your environment.

CCS specialists then install and integrate the new solutions into your network, test them thoroughly for smooth interaction and operation, and transfer all documentation to you as required.

Beyond installation, CCS provides a selection of service and support programs custom suited to your needs.