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Technology Relocation Services

Moving can present any business with a number of problems, not least the problem of moving integrated business technology infrastructure.  The task can distract, if not overwhelm, even the most seasoned IT department.  CCS/PA entered the moves business to provide solutions to IT problems associated with relocation.  With our dedicated IT relocation team on your side you’ll be ready to make the most of any relocation project.

Mitigate Risk

Our IT relocation service was developed specifically to minimize downtime and reduce risk associated with moving your technology.  Because CCS/PA makes moving its business, we create a project implementation plan to anticipate problems and cost overruns.  With a deep roster of CCS/PA employed technicians, we have the resources to make your move happen on any timeframe.

Seamless Communication

We add value to your relocation project by providing timely information to all parties involved in your move.  CCS/PA can give each of your employees detailed reference guides to prepare them for the move and to help them be ready for their first day at your new location.  This allows your team to stay informed even when their computers and phones are in transit.

Protecting IT Infrastructure

Moving technology involves more than disconnecting and reconnecting computers, monitors, and keyboards. With the average corporate network growing ever more complex, it is becoming increasingly important for firms to give extra attention to technology in their move. Our technicians not only move your machines, they move your entire integrated system, reassembling it in your new location so that it functions exactly as it should for the first day of operations.

Technical Support

CCS/PA is always on standby during your move to answer any questions or solve any problems that may arise. On your first day at your new location we provide help desk services to address move-related issues and resolve them quickly.  All help desk calls are logged into our call tracking system to track patterns and give you a 360 degree view of your move project.

Service Goals for Relocations