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Security Services

Corporate Computer Solutions offers the following security services:

Network Security

Internet Security – The Future

Change is the only constant in today’s world of information technology, and information security is no different. Applications, vulnerabilities, and attacks rapidly change, but what remains constant is the importance of protecting one’s data. This protection is not only for maintaining customer confidence and continuing commerce, but to satisfy security requirements dictated by the government.

With the ever changing face of hackers and the malicious tools they employ such as viruses, worms and trojans, how do you really know that your company is secure from the internet? If you are secure today, will you be secure tomorrow? Is your company forced to comply with regulatory acts like Sarbanes Oxley, or HIPAA? Do you what these regulatory Acts mean? How will you prepare to become compliant? What is the best security strategy and what are the best solutions to put in place?

Unfortunately, securing your business and network from the internet has become a very exhausting and expensive process. Years ago all you needed was a good firewall and some antivirus software. Today you need a fine balance between the right people, process and technology, which does not come easy for organizations. Corporate Computer Solutions is here to help your organization.